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Spartans Athletics

Broad Run High School


Spartans Athletics

Broad Run High School

Spartans Athletics

Broad Run High School



3 months ago by Ellen Roberts

Summer Workouts

We will be starting workouts on July 1st.  Everyone MUST be registered to participate in practices (different than in the past).  Everyone MUST have their physical form with them to turn in (if you haven't already); also physician signature & date must be after May 1st.  

***** If you can scan your physical form into the computer and send it to me, that would be ideal. *****


There will be a lot of changes for your safety & ours!!!!  

1. You all will NEED to let me know when you're coming and when you're not coming.  You can't just show up, like you have always done.

2. Emergency card will need to be fill out and bring into the coach or scanned & emailed to the coach.  The form can be found on the Registration website under Forms.

3.  Each of the girls need to bring their own water bottle.  NO using the water fountain.  Please fill your water bottle up BEFORE you come to the school. 

4.  Each of the girls will need to bring their own hand sanitizer.  Just keep it in your bag.

5.  As we've done in the past, you will need to wash your hands BEFORE coming to workout.  Get used to this now, you'll be required to do this when we go inside for practices.

6.  You will need to wash your hands AFTER practice, before leaving the school, if inside.  Use your hand sanitizer as often as you'd like when we're outside.

7.  Everyone will get their temperature checked before workouts/practices.

8.  Everyone will need to wear their mask if/when you enter the school.  You will not need to wear it during the workout; it will be heard to breathe during the workout.

9.  Girls will be 10ft apart during the workouts.

More details will continue to come out.  Please let me know if you have any issues or concerns.  Practices are never mandatory.

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